birthday episode

Nicholas talks about investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with like minded people. On his birthday, Nicholas asks you to take a look at what you want out of life and how you can make it happen. BDB Live 3.0 is coming up, so be ready for the tickets to release on February 5, 2019!

Timestamped Show Notes:

[01:50] Top Takeaways

[02:40] High Level Mentors

[05:40] Learning Twice

[09:05] Access to Top Level Influencers

[13:40] Live Events

[17:50] Follow Through

[19:30] Power of Confidence

[23:20] Vulnerable Share

[26:22] Invest in the Best Live Event

[27:30] BDB Live 3.0



Invest in yourself.

Surround yourself with like minded people.



BDB Live 3.0 goes on sale February 5, 2019!


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