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Nicholas goes to San Diego and interviews Billy Gene, the marketing guru. Billy Gene talks about growing up and being blessed enough to attend a private, Catholic school. He went from almost graduating from UC San Diego to now being one of the top marketers. Billy shares stories about his life, shares why he thinks college is a scam, and if he is the man he would allow his daughter to marry. This is a good one!



Timestamped Show Notes:

[01:50] Growing up in San Diego

[08:45] Grinding

[10:55] Mediocre

[23:45] Time

[31:10] Selfish Motivation

[36:00] Stance

[40:30] Are You a Guy You Would Allow Your Daughter to Marry?



  • Take a stand for something. That’s how you will be successful in what you want to achieve.
  • People will either love you or hate you.
  • Are you a man that would allow your daughter to marry you?
  • College is a scam. You spend two years learning nothing relevant. You could spend 6 months in a restaurant and learn 50% more from that person than going to school for it.


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