2nd Amendment Explained with Grant Shaw

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Grant Shaw is the owner of the #1 gun range in Austin with huge memberships called The Range and SB Tactical. 

In this episode, Grant talks with Nicholas about gun ownership, explaining the 2nd amendment, being a car enthusiast, and current masculinity.


[4:52] Handling The Texas Snow Storm

[7:44] Transition From A Passion To A Company

[10:17] Progression Of SB Tactical

[14:30] Gaining Massive Traction

[16:27] Going All In

[18:00] Stabilizing Brace

[21:50] Thoughts On Private Gun Ownership in 5-10 Years

[27:30] Getting Educated On Firearm

[31:10] Ammo Shortages

[33:34] Correlation Of Getting Rid Of 1st & 2nd Amendment

[35:00] Government Issued Carrier Permit

[43:00] Being A Car Enthusiast 

[52:20] Positives & Negatives Of Current Masculinity

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