#2 Power Couple Episode: Romance 101

The 3 dimensional Businessman

Today Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle jump into episode #2 of the Power Couple episodes talking about romance! They discuss this week’s struggles, having a like-minded vision, and how to be in love and stay in love.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [ 03:33 ] Create and Agree on a Clear Vision
  • [ 11:54 ] Like Minded Environment
  • [ 13:51 ] Keeping Romance Alive
  • [ 22:35 ] Priorities



  • Get clear on your vision with your partner early on in your relationship. Here where your partner wants to go and know what you want for yourself before you dive into a relationship. Both people may not be fully committed to each other’s vision until there is a big measure of commitment, like engagement or marriage. Make communication your priority so that you both know what each other wants. Write out the list of what you want and refer to that when you are looking for the person who will align with your vision.
  • In keeping the romance alive one of the best things to do is to picture your spouse intimately every day, visualization is a huge component in your relationship to keep the passion alive. Also, make sure you know and are fulfilling your spouse’s love languages. You can make any moment non-romantic but you can also turn it around to the opposite. Romance isn’t one-sided, be the person who is ready and available to your partner, govern yourself and then pour into your partner, don’t try to fix your partner.