10 Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

Several months ago a friend of mine and face of Billion Dollar Body, Nicholas Bayerle, told me he was going to throw a mens only event that would be a game-changer. Knowing Nicholas and his wife, Amanda, I didn’t need to hear anything else – I bought a ticket immediately. I didn’t know where it would be or who would be speaking there…. all I knew is why he was doing it.


See, Nicholas is a giver and a gatherer of high-level men and whatever he was doing, I wanted to be a part of it.
It really wasn’t until a few weeks before the event that I started paying attention to who the speakers were. I have a good amount of experience going to live events, sometimes the speakers are great, sometimes they are not.


I typically make my decision off of who’s event it is and secondary who the speakers are but when I saw names like Cole Hatter and Kevin Stimpson I started getting excited. Little did I know I would leave with tremendous value from men I had never heard of.


In this article I’m going to share the lessons I learned from the following entrepreneurs: 

Nicholas Bayerle

Quite honestly, Nicholas was the most impressive of the group. His charisma and talent combined with an obvious passion for helping others is hardly unnoticed. He truly set the stage for the rest of the weekend like the first at bat cranking a home run. Nicholas talked about the importance of health and how we do one thing overlaps into all other areas of our lives. If we take care of ourselves first, the rest is that much easier.

Christopher Walker

Chris was the cool guy of the group with a combination of confidence and modesty not often seen in a man of his intelligence level. As a 3 year graduate at Duke and an expert in neuroscience, I was scribbling notes like I was cramming for a test. He dropped so much knowledge on testosterone levels and brain function and you could tell how much time and passion he has put into his company.

John Spencer Ellis

JSE is a brilliant entrepreneur that values things most men look over as unimportant. He seems like a man that values the little things and how getting the details right will push you beyond your pre-conceived limits. He spoke of pillars of success that I could write about for an hour, but my biggest takeaway from his talk was the value of sleep. How sleep is the forgotten key in a world of hustle. Prepping and setting a routine to get in a habit so that your sleep is timely and optimal is truly the foundation of crushing your day.

Joost Janssen

This guys is as much a bad ass as he is an incredibly human being. A former seal turned Hollywood star  had the entire room at awe with his stories and life lessons is already impressive. His drive and dedication is second to none. He taught us to not let the idea of quitting come close to even being an option. He also taught us how to use what drives each and every one of us as fuel to accomplish anything we want and never, ever, give up on our dreams. Lastly, he taught us that he is fueled by being told he can’t… so if you ever make him mad, just tell him he can kick your ass and he will smile and probably hug you.

Kevin Stimpson

Kevin came in with a boom, sporting “Memorable, Disruptive and Badass” attire, this dude didn’t hesitate to tell all the men that they needed to step up their fashion and wardrobe. He offered excellent tips on how to be noticed without effort, how to build confidence through appearance and most importantly, how to make a statement.

Ryan Michler

Ryan is a man’s man with a beautiful beard. The guys is the epitome of a good ol’ fashioned American dude with a somewhat millennial twist. He did a fantastic job of going over the do’s and don’ts of a man. I recently joined his Facebook group “Order of Man” and its impressive how he has built a community of men helping others through problems.

Jordan Harbinger

A friend of mine prior to the event told me Jordan was who he was looking forward to the most, so, naturally, I was amped as well. Jordan didn’t disappoint. He specializes and connecting others by adding value and leveraging his network, a valuable skill set that we all overlook. Jordan’s story telling and charm were top notch. He has a no bs personality and is as witty as they come. I’ll be a consistent listener of his podcast “Art of Charm” moving forward.

Cole Hatter

Before Cole even took the stage he was giving speeches to the gents at the event, it was impressive to see the small crowd he was gathering. His presentation was just him… no slides or visuals, just Cole talking about finance, investing and giving the group what we needed. Cole is one of the greatest speakers I have witnessed. He has a special ability to keep the crowd engaged. I don’t know if I learned more about finance or effective speaking, but massive knowledge was received on both topics.

Amanda Bayerle

When Amanda was speaking I couldn’t help but picture a queen bee rounding up the hive. She was elegant and classy, but stern and powerful. She did a great job simplifying the differences between men and women and how men can make just a few simple tweaks to attract and keep the woman of their dreams. Her segment of Love Languages and how to communicate effectively was a tremendous help for not only me, but the 100+ men in attendance.


Thank you to all the speakers, helpers, staff and most importantly Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle of Billion Dollar Body for an incredible weekend!


Chase Maher


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