VLOG #4: The Billion Dollar Body Feeling

The Billion Dollar Body VLOG #4

Have you ever said to yourself, “”I know I should be doing XYZ, but I just don’t feel like it.”?

We all feel that at different times, especially when we have a packed schedule with a lot of things.

But… We both know that just because we don’t “feel” like doing it, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

This vlog shows you a glimpse of me getting over my “feelings” and taking advantage of an opportunity I should do.

Amanda and I had done A LOT of traveling the week before so on Friday night, right before attending full on branding workshop in San Diego, we decided to drive to Irvine.. Even when we didn’t feel like it.

It was a Thrive Tribe Meet-up with some of our great friends and clients.

Was it worth it? YES

So the next time you are asking yourself “Should I attend this?”  “Should I go workout right now?”

Make your decisions based on these questions..  “Will it benefit my life positively?” “Will this get me to my goals?”

In this episode you’ll take away a few badass lessons:

  • How to do a proper deadlift and a clean
  • What I do to stand out and be different
  • My secret to marketing
  • How to network with high level entrepreneurs
  • And so much more

Also for those of you who don’t know, the branding workshop we attend was hosted by the founders of Strive N Grind . The Billion Dollar Body wouldn’t be here without them.

I had the honor of speaking at there event. I shared what we as a company stand for and what makes us different from everyone else.

If you’re inspired to live The Billion Dollar Body lifestyle then click here to apply for a call with one of our highly trained coaches. 

Over the years of training hundreds of men, I have cracked the code to optimal health and my mission is to make sure every man has that confidence and power they desire.

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Cheers to looking and feeling like a billion bucks, 

Nicholas Bayerle