MEXICO TRIP! It’s a blessing living in so-cal because it’s easy to travel into Mexico. And I know what you are probably thinking.. 

Is that safe?

Well thankfully my family has been going for over 30 years so they know how to do it right. However it does help if you can speak the language (I’m working on that)

After the 3 months of hard working going into the launch of The Billion Dollar Body, Amanda and I needed this vaca.

Here is the breakdown of the VLOG

0:00 On the way to Mexico through the desert.

0:26 I was conceived on this bluff and it has been a place that my family has been traveling to for multiple generations… They call it the Bayerle bluff, a secret spot on the gulf of Mexico… On this trip we met the owner of Taylor Guitars.

0:37 Stopped a coconut truck we saw off-roading haha! Fresh coconut, and coconut water!

1:05 This is the tour of our place. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so we decided to stock up the fridge with healthy 15 day challenge food. We don’t mess around

1:45 Check out the a guy use a machete to cut open a coconut and how they eat coconuts in Mexico !


Watch the VLOG Here


2:45 We hit the roof and check out the view from our house. No internet for multiple days right after the TBDB LAUNCH!!! We were tripping out with this beautiful view of the ocean and mountains

3:15 WORKOUT GOING DOWN!! With an amazing view on the roof… For our workout we did Tabata, which is 4 minutes straight of 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest of 1 movement at a time..

First 4 min- Push Ups

Second 4 min- Lunges

Third 4 min-Squats

Fourth 4 min- plank twists

Fifth 4 min- push ups again!

3:50 Check out our shirtless bodies! :p

4:15 Breakfast on the last day, toast with avocado egg whites with veggies. PLUS some amazing tips on how to stay on track even with tons of temptations around.

5:50 My rant… Don’t let others dictate the way you eat, YOU CHOOSE, and people will respect you for it. Seriously, you are more looked at as a leader when you are fit. (it’s a statistic, look it up) 

Do you have struggles with being healthy while traveling, giving into temptation, or have any questions?

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Cheers to looking and feeling like a billion bucks

Nicholas Bayerle