How to Reach Your Ultimate State of Health, Power, and Confidence

Over the last 5 years we have worked with men from all over the world to help them achieve their ultimate state of health, power and confidence.

Take Tommy for example, he seemed like the typical guy that would attend a business mastermind full of high level influencers and business owners. After I was finished speaking at this mastermind Tommy and I set up a time where I could help point him in the right direction for achieving his ultimate state of health, power and confidence. During that call he decided to work with me 1 on 1 for a 6 month period.

Tommy seemed to have it all…a beautiful Fiance, a $10,000,000 business, and free time to enjoy life. What I soon found out during our meeting was that Tommy also had some things that he didn’t want, 40 lbs of extra weight and some unhealthy habits that were causing him to have less than ideal energy during his day.

Check out his picture below








These habits were contributing to a lack of confidence, self esteem, productivity, belief in one’s self, and the list goes on and on. After working with us Tommy dropped 43 lbs, gained 2 hours of productivity every day (40 8 hour work days per year!), gained massive confidence in his body image. This has led him to have a solid start to his marriage and opened up his opportunities to go after his acting/comedy career.

His fiance literally said word for word, “I honestly don’t even recognize Tommy anymore. He is a completely different man, in a good way.” Though Tommy had created success before working with us he has lost something that money cannot buy… Health which leads to confidence and power.  By increasing his state of health, he was able to grow every other area of his life that he cared about.  


Before we can unleash these states, we must define each word…


Let’s start off with the Billion Dollar Body definition of health.

Words are only important if you understand the true meaning and definition behind them. In America the F bomb might mean something bad, but in other cultures it may mean bless you. So it’s not just the word that matters but it’s the belief and emotion behind the word that gives it it’s real power.

HEALTH: This is not just a state of survival that people are used to living in but rather a state of thriving…mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This is the state in which all blessing, happiness, and accomplishment flows.


For almost a decade I’ve been coaching men in this area of health. But just like in business there is always the professor that teaches business, but never really experienced it first hand. Then there is the business owner that may not know how to teach. The same thing happens with health..

There are people who are book smart but may not have ever gone through the emotions of having a massive lack of energy, low testosterone, insecurities, low self-esteem and so on. The best situation is to have the best of both worlds, experience along with the ability to teach.


Growing up I wanted to be a professional athlete, a pro motocross rider to be exact. But I never felt that I had control over my health which made me feel powerless and weak. Around age 13, I had a falling out in my family that caused me to go into a downward spiral.

I soon found myself 60 lbs overweight, depressed and strangled by my insecurities.

I later found out that I was also suffering with low testosterone when it should have been at its highest. I avoided pictures and all summer activities that required me to take off my shirt. The big picture was that I was fat and miserable.

Until…a life changing moment that shifted everything. A kid at my school who was in training to become a boxer brought fruit to school. We were sitting at the same lunch table so  I asked him “why did you bring fruit?” He quickly responded that his trainer had put him on a meal plan so that he would weigh in his weight category and for top performance. That’s all it took for me to take action, and I lost 53 lbs in 6 months.

But I still did not enter this thriving state, I still had no control, I still had no clue what I needed to do. I constantly starved myself or felt like shit after eating a bad meal, to the point where I would think about just throwing it all up.

This took me on a rocky road of health over the next two years of constant ups and downs. If you are gaining and losing weight, that’s not healthy.

It’s like making $100,000 then losing it. You didn’t actually gain anything.

So after riding this out of control rollercoaster I decided to hire a coach/mentor. He empowered me to understand health and how to control my results. I dropped the ego and pride to learn from countless mentors about how I could go from this “living” state to a “Thriving state”.

Since then, myself and my team have helped thousands of the most powerful entrepreneurs and influencers reach this state of health. It is not just about getting the result, but knowing how to keep them.


Here are the different elements of physical health stacked upon each other:

  1. Breathe
  2. Hydration
  3. Sleep
  4. Nutrition
  5. Exercise


As you connect them to the right mindset you are able to enter a realm of thriving where you will be able to outperform the competition in your industry.
Instead of buying into the BS of “working out 2 hours a day” or “eating chicken and rice for every meal” buy into the fact that health is supposed to add to your life, not take away from it.

Let us know define power.

POWER: Power is an inner strength and drive that encompasses the will to grow, improve and build your best life. The realization that inside of you already is the ability to overcome any problem or obstacle that life will ever throw at you. The expectation that you have been equipped before life hits you to pull through in every situation.


On the journey to your ultimate state of health, you have the ability to tap into this new found power. There are 3 things every high achieving male cares about.

  1. Health (because “if you are not fit and healthy you cannot accomplish anything” -Sir Richard Branson)
  2. Relationships…Wife, Kids, Family, Friends
  3. Business/Impact/Influence (what you do to provide and make a mark in this world).


Out of all 3, health is the only portion that affects all of them. It provides the training ground to push yourself to your limits in commitment and discipline which will always beat motivation. Relationships and business both take other people to accomplish it, health does not. Nobody needs to eat, breath, hydrate, sleep and exercise for you, you can do it on your own.

The most important person you never want to let down is yourself. Most people let themselves down all the time “I’ll go to the gym on Monday” yet we never show up. But if we commit to someone else we will do something, we show up. That’s backasswards, the person you should be most concerned about not letting down is yourself, and the #1 place to do that is in your health. This will then leak into your relationships and business where you will have POWER, and attract the right people and positions into your life.


When our clients start to get results, the people around them begin to feel the new power that they are walking it. This opens them up to massive opportunity.

Studies have shown that fit people are perceived as being better leaders over unfit people.

People would rather follow someone who carries this power than someone that is out of shape. Now onto the last component, confidence.

CONFIDENCE: This is a mixture of constant improvement with the right mindset about past, present, and future events. It’s the ability to be 100% authentic in one’s self. Driving them to excel to the best of their ability in everything they do while being humble and willing the learn. Confidence is unwavering, pressure doesn’t create weakness it only exposes it. Pressure will never dampen one’s confidence. 



True confidence is unwavering, meaning circumstance do not change it.  Just like the pipes in your house, when a pipe bursts because of pressure it just exposes the weakest part of the pipe. So when pressure rises, it exposes our weakness’ that were ALREADY THERE! Confidence is built through knowledge + application that causes a transformation.

Applied knowledge brings result and its power, power mastered brings confidence in any part of your life. It’s the belief that without a shadow of a doubt something will good will happen.

It’s the belief that causes people to see success. Doubt is the thing that causes people to stop 3 feet from gold. So imagine a life where you have health, that grows your power, that blooms into confidence, that allows you to STRIKE GOLD.

We all know those super confident men that everyone wants to be like. They are the men that deep down we look up to and want to emulate because they have this super power called “confidence”.


Once you can nail down the mental aspect of the health and then fuel your body accordingly it’s impossible to not feel more confident.

My life completely changed when I found the principles of The Billion Dollar Body. I attracted the woman of my dreams, started a business, and command attention everywhere I go…especially from high influential people.

This is not to brag about myself but to show you what is possible. I know that if I can do it, you can too!

And this is now my duty to help other men experience the power, the energy, the confidence, the knowledge, and the level of fulfillment I get to experience everyday.

When you can look and feel like a billion bucks, people notice. Instead of chasing opportunities, opportunities start chasing you. And finally you are able to start doing things you only DREAMED of.


If you are finally ready to for a real transformation in your internal world that gives you a physical transformation with greater confidence and power then you can apply to talk with a Billion Dollar Body coach here.

Together we will point you in the right direction to discover your exact game plan. We will help you figure out where you want to go, why you want to do it, and HOW you are going to get there.


This is a quote I heard from some of my mentors and it has stuck with me, 

“If you want to be the best then work with the best”.


Apply this to every area of your life, business, relationships, health…

If you want to say you truly “Look and feel like a billion bucks” and be around the highest net worth of men that are all serious about creating greater success then talk with a coach here.


Cheers to looking and feeling like a billion bucks, 

Nicholas Bayerle