Matt Brauning Podcast Interview

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Matt Brauning is an NLP expert, Event Host and speaker since 2005. He shares his story of becoming a Millionaire by 25, losing it all and then regaining it.

Timestamped Show Notes:

* [1:38] Journey

* [6:23] Luck and Opportunity

* [9:02] Always Learning

* [12:30] Yearly Themes

* [20:40] Skill Sets and Formulas

* [25:07] Pattern and Sequence

* [32:11] Making Quality Experiences

* [37:40] Master or Sell

* [40:20] Finding Your Formula

* [44:38] Networking: Social Media



* Take risks and go after your dreams. Your passion has to meet your skillset. Find a formula that works for your audience and what they need.

* Always move forward with adding on new skills. Make educational investments for yourself to help better your thought and action process.

* Use social media as a tool to assist in networking your brand and to help meet the right people and find the right platform. Surround yourself with what you want to achieve.


Resources: Evolution Seminars

Instagram @nicholasbayerle


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