Today Nicholas interviews Aaron Hinde. The former chiropractor of ten years, helped over five thousand people through his practice. Along the way he noticed there was a need for clean, effective sports drinks.

Aaron became the founder of the Inc 500 fastest growing company, LIFEAID, that has server over 1 million people worldwide. Nicholas and Aaron sit down to talk about old school mentality on careers and success, as well as having multiple entrepreneurial pursuits.

He also gives us insight on his successful business partnership. Aaron also talks about how his mentors launched him into new levels of success. Aaron finishes the show off by breaking down how to successfully scale your business and hire the right people who will push your endeavor farther.


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Time Stamped Show Notes
[ 2:49 ] Aaron takes us back to his childhood and talks about his beginnings.
[ 4:57 ] Working corporate jobs versus working for yourself.
[ 6:21 ]Aaron talks about his personal health background and career choice.
[ 8:39 ] Entrepreneurial hardships, sales and marketing experience, hiring employees.
[ 11:08 ] Running multiple business ventures, how past experiences can lead to new opportunities.
[ 14:58 ] Aaron shares his tips to successful business partnerships.
[ 18:32 ] Mentors: How to engage with successful people and gain mentors.
[ 21:42 ] Hitting business milestones.
[ 23:14 ] The 10,000 Dollar Day.
[ 26:48 ] Competition in the marketplace.
[ 28:30 ] Being a health conscious entrepreneur with e health focused company.
[ 30:15 ] Scaling and hiring, Aaron gives us resources to use as we grow our businesses.
[ 34:56 ] Adding a referral option to your business, involving customers.

Top Takeaways:

  • When you have a business partner it is vital to have an open line of communication, you have to check your ego at the door. You each are in this partnership because you have something to offer, you both have unique abilities. Divy up the responsibilities so that each of you are working in the areas of your strengths.
  • No matter what niche you’re in, no matter your industry, find people who are successful and engage with them as your mentor. Find where they are, what they are selling, buy into it. Being interested in them will have them interest in you.
  • When building and scaling your business make sure your employee candidates are brand advocates, people who already believe in your company and in your product. It’s also important to be specific in your job advertising, be very descriptive on what you are looking for and what you are not looking for. You want people who know and agree with your company’s core values.


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