Immigrant To CEO Of MentorBox With Alex Mehr


Alex Mehr is the CEO & Co-Founder of Mentorbox, former CEO & Co-Founder Zoosk (which he sold for $300 million), and a previous NASA Scientist. He has launched over 30 products/companies. In this episode, Alex explains that no accomplishments would be possible without learning business strategies and techniques from people who were ahead of him through reading their books. 

Timestamped Show Notes:

[3:06] Alex’s Upbringing

[4:58] Built-Up Hunger To Learn

[8:03] Making Information Simple And Easy For People To Have

[12:56] Changing Perspectives On Books 

[18:05] Advancing People To A New Lense

[22:38} Taking Books To A Low Investment With A Higher Value

[27:04] Making Businesses Successful

[40:03] Going From Failure To Failure With No Lack Of Enthusiasm

[48:09] Using Influence To Positively Make An Impact



  1. Use all the available resources and knowledge surrounding you to your advantage.
  2. Books have an amazing value that people need to experience. You need a knowledge base, you can’t experience it all on your own.
  3.  If copper does not turn into gold, you have to change something.
  4. The key is to experiment very often and fail quickly and silently. 
  5. People have a fear of failure because they tie their self worth to the thing they are doing.
  6. Influence causes impact.



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