How To Make A Name For Yourself with Nicholas Bayerle


In this week’s solo episode, Nicholas explains the importance of making a name for yourself and having it hold power. Give your name a good reputation and don’t forget to go grab your copy of The Modern Day Businessman.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[0:51] The Power Of Showing Up 

[3:30] Making A Name

[7:01] Does Your Name Hold Power

[11:02] What Can You Control To Be Successful

[13:02] Building Influence



  1. Information is all over the place, making it easier than ever to get educated. You could even get a college education without even going to college.
  2. The roll has switched in our society where information that was hard to find and expensive is not cheap and all over the place if you’re willing to find it. 
  3. Show up with integrity, on time and making sure we are giving with honesty. 



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