High-End Watches And Physical Product Sales with R.T. Custer


R.T is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vortic Watches. The Vortic Watch Company is a high-end wristwatch engineering and manufacturing company. 

In this episode, R.T tells the history of how wristwatches came to be and how that inspired him to take old pocket watches and make them into wristwatches. Listen and learn how he created a physical product that was new and out of the ordinary and still turned it into a highly profitable business.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:02] Journey To Restoring Watches

[4:54] Inspiration To The Watches

[11:17] Tradition And Backstory Of The Watches

[19:17] Ability to Create And Getting The Watches

[25:40] Finding Product Market Fit

[31:01] Sales Cycles And Product Placement

[36:50] The Power Of Credibility

[41:36] Pricing vs Value


  • Become a student of your craft.
  • You have to be a certain level of arrogant to be an entrepreneur
  • Success comes from trial and error. You can’t have true success without failing 
  • Use the power of credibility to your advantage and get your product out there.
  • You can always increase your prices but it’s really difficult to decrease them.


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