Billy Boughey is the Founder and President of Elevate Experiences. He is a keynote speaker, does culture coaching and consults groups on how to make their team members and clients happy. 

Timestamped Show Notes:

[0:47] Tough Upbringing

[3:54] Create Your Success

[6:20] Impact In Being In The Group Of Men

[8:00] Serving And Helping Clients

[10:56] Hiring Process

[15:51] People Leaving Your Company  

[19:32] Integrating The Rap Game

[22:29] Using Personal Brand In Business 

[27:10] What Are You Investing To Learn With Billy



  1.  Leadership is just simply the ability to start a better conversation.
  2.  Treat everybody as an end in themself not as a means to an end.
  3. Pay attention to the tension, pay attention to the narrative. 
  4. Your face is just as important of a brand as all these other ”big brands” out there



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