Goal Setting For 2020 with Nicholas Bayerle

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In this week’s solo episode, your host Nicholas Bayerle teaches the what, why, and how of goal setting. Learn how to track your progress and focus on your goals. Don’t forget to check out the goal-setting workshop on December 7th. Get your ticket at www.nicholasbayerle.com/workshop

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:38] Thinking Like The 3%

[4:25] Goal Setting

[10:02] What, Why, How

[13:06] How Do You Track Your Progress

[17:33] When To Track Your Progress

[25:11] How To Focus On Your Goals 



  1.  The first thing to start goal setting is to reflect on the year and the past goals you had.
  2. Figure out what you need to reach your goals
  3. Make sure there’s a real “why” when coming up with your goals
  4. Get an accountability partner to focus on your goals



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