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Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast. He is the owner of Gym Launch, which has been able to grow to $50 Million in revenue in just 2 years under his guidance. In this week’s episode, Alex discusses strategies he uses to build revenue for his clients and urges entrepreneurs to outwork self-doubt.

[3:20] All the secrets in His New Book

[6:30] Expectations of Life At the Start

[10:15] Entering The Gym Owner World  

[15:40] Selling Gyms

[19:00] Strategies Used to Build Revenue in The Gyms

[21:55] Getting People Interested

[24:00] Checking Up On Clients

[26:10] Realization of Mediocrity

[29:50] The Person That You Are Is Growing The Business You Have

[31:28] Going From Not Much Profit to Implementing a Gym Launch

[35:03] Grow or Die

[39:05] Outwork Your Self Doubt



  1. Checking up on clients can lead to them coming into the gym more due to making them feel valued and building those relationships with them
  2. The realization of mediocrity makes you think more about what you can do better and improve yourself.
  3. You either grow or you die. If you’re stagnating, you’re dying.



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“The Person That You Are Is Growing The Business You Have”

“Grow or Die”

“Certainty Is The Only Thing That Can Bring Speed”