Sex, business, and dopamine


This podcast is one my favorites because I bring on my incredible wife and first lady of The Billion Dollar Body, Amanda Bayerle.

We dive deep into what women want so you can have a better intimate relationship.

She shares what woman like in a man AND what is really important to them.

Amanda goes in depth on the struggles most relationships have and how she has been able to overcome them. PLUS she shares the tips to run a business as a couple.

She also shares something we specifically did for our relationships to make sure it was on a solid foundation.. you’ll never guess what it is.

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She talks about: 

  • Control, communication and community
  • Book recommendations for relationships
  • How to attract a woman and keep one
  • The simple solution to raising your dopamine
  • Specific challenges women and men need to overcome

This is an important podcast for married men and those of you who are looking to get into a serious relationship.

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Nicholas Bayerle