3 Steps To Make A Million with Nicholas Bayerle

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In this week’s solo episode, Nicholas teaches the three important steps you can start today to making a million dollars in your business.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:21] Making Your First Million

[3:38] Find Something You’re Passionate About

[7:03] How To Cast The Vision And Build An Audience

[13:36] How To Monetize

[16:55] Find The Wants And Needs Of Your Client



  1.  Learn from people that have actually done it before.
  2.  Learning from someone who failed and succeeded on the other side is key.
  3.  Be a person who invests and educates themselves. Better your mind to make more money.
  4. Build a product or service that fulfills a need or want that your client has in their life.



The Modern Day Businessman: Success Without Sacrifice

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