10 Questions To Ask Your Spouse with Nicholas And Amanda Bayerle

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In this week’s couple episode, Nicholas and Amanda ask each other 10 questions to get through the quarantine. Do this with your significant other during the quarantine or just for date night.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:03] If You Could Relive A Year In Your Life Which Would It Be?

[3:04] What Physical Features Of Yours Did Your Kids Receive?

[4:05] Favorite Memory Together

[6:02] Recent Favorite TV Show/Movie

[7:02] Biggest Inspiration/Mentor

[8:09] Most Fun And Hardest Parts Of Quarantine

[10:29] What Do You Look Forward To Doing After Quarantine?

[11:57] Favorite Personality Trait Of Each Other

[13:18] Do You Think You Would Make A Good Politician

[16:40] Something You Hated As A Kid But Now Appreciate



  1.  Use these questions as a date night idea or to help pass the time during quarantine



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