What Business Should You Start with Jeremy Neves


Wondering what business you should start and how to do it? Listen in to find out the secrets and adaptations Jeremy Neves has made to build his success.

Jeremy is a founder, investor, and consultant.

He founded Xcite Satellite in 2009 and made a successful exit in 2019. He has consulted a number of businesses, most notably a company that he helped grow revenue by $90 million year over year. 

Not only successful in business, Jeremy is part of an undercover team responsible for rescuing children from sex-trafficking around the world.

In this episode, Jeremy and Nicholas talk about what it’s like going on his undercover missions, balancing family time, building his successful businesses and 


[3:28] Continually Being A Learner

[6:00] Helping Sex Trafficed Victims

[12:42] Being In A Different Mindspace

[14:39] Mindset Shift For Business

[18:48] Internal Struggles While Going Undercover

[23:33] Getting Into Current Business

[29:29] Recipe For Raising Kids

[32:38] Adapting And Secrets To Balance

[35:00] Investing In Your Relationships

[39:13] Working With Your Spouse

[41:15] Current Gameplan

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