Transforming Lives with Nicholas Bayerle

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This week Nicholas gives a sneak peek into BDB Live, what it takes to pull off a high value event, how to find life changing speakers and incorporating for purpose business principles.

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 02:25 ] Building Connection
  • [ 06:45 ] Fired Up
  • [ 10:15 ] Value Add
  • [ 13:45 ] For Purpose
  • [ 16:30 ] Awarding Investments
  • [ 21:30 ] Redefining Businessmen


  • “Love this Brotherhood so much! Thank you for an incredible 5 days of non-stop learning, growing and building our futures together. I came in with no agenda and a blank slate, leaving full of brotherly love, several new business deals in the works, and feeling stronger than ever in myself, my ability for future success and I attribute it all to building stronger relationships with all my BDB Bro’s. Can’t wait for BDB Elite 2.0 to start and get back to San Diego.”-Dominic Wood
  • “Day 1 after BDB Live 2.0 and I refuse to let myself fall back into mediocrity. Are you with me? I received a ton of value from Alex Charfen and tonight I’m focusing on his concept of momentum, both creating and maintaining it. Step 1: lower the pressure and noise in your life – identify the habits you have adopted and the situations you continue to put yourself into that stall you out and constrain you. For instance, I JUST uninstalled a mobile gaming app that I allowed into my life that was providing me very short term gains in exchange for the loss of long term success. It was fairly distressing to uninstall the stupid game, strangely enough, but I’ll take that resistance as a good sign. (Learning to lean into resistance is also another new focus of mine.) My next step: identifying more pressure and noise and systematically eliminating as much as possible. Can you think of anything you do or are hooked on that feels like an escape or a waste of time? Did anything immediately come to mind when you heard him describe pressure and noise in his presentation? If momentum isn’t on your mind, what else did you learn this weekend that you’ve already taken action on?” – Matteo Echabarne
  • “My first BDB live event, I’m blown away at the culture and environment. Grateful to you all, the men young and older, for embracing me, and being excellent in your ways.I longed for a group like this. So many of you have become dear to my heart already and we just met… only God can do that. I know I have brothers I can count on. Congratulations to you Nicholas and Amanda and your team, the event was outstanding, the lineup of speakers were great and beyond, (only one was a bit off color for me) I look forward to many more and contributing to the growth of the amazing community.” – Jose DiCervo