The 3 dimensional Businessman (3)

This week Nicholas and Amanda share with us the opportunities that have come their way this week, how to support your partner and believe in them. They also cover the risks and break through that follow when you invest in the best and in a group of people who think bigger than you.

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 01:52 ] High-Level Decisions
  • [ 03:24 ] Business Bonus
  • [ 05:19 ] Comfort Zone
  • [ 08:30 ] Supporting Your Spouse
  • [ 12:03 ] Jumping at the Opportunity
  • [ 16:00 ] Push Your Spouse into Their Destiny
  • [ 18:15 ] Risk and Breakthrough



  • Being in your comfort zone is the worst place you can be. Consistently push yourself outside of your comfort zone. When you are in “flow” you will show up to a place that could change your life. Many people feel comfortable at home but nothing happens there, when they are out and around other people opportunities find them.  
  • When you get support from your partner, you get breakthrough. Support allows you to show up and give, back, honoring the mission and vision of others and getting in on opportunities for yourself. Because you built up the experience and relationship. Earn trust for executing and making decisions on good investments.
  • Believe in your partner and push them to be the person who exceeds their potential. Your partner doesn’t need you to be another naysayer in their life, chose to do the opposite and see what happens. You can’t control your partner but you can support and believe in them.