Successfully Scale Your Business with Alex Charfen


Today Nicholas talks with Alex Charfen about businessmen and living a life that’s worth modeling. Alex covers everything from finding your tribe and why as an entrepreneur, influencer, and thought leader, you are set apart, who you are and what makes you tick, the two types of momentum, how to maintain momentum, and how the process will set you free.


Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [ 01:32 ] Who is Alex Charfen
  • [ 05:34 ] Your Tribe
  • [ 08:09 ] Qualify Yourself
  • [ 17:03 ] Nonnegotiable for a Hunter
  • [ 25:03 ] Momentum
  • [ 30:11 ] Success and Learning
  • [ 36:21 ] Value over Pressure and Noise
  • [ 40:00 ] Lightning Round
  • [ 45:37 ] Process will Set You Free



  • If you have ever felt different or alone, or like you just can’t overcome the present, the fact is that if you think right now, back in history, everyone who has mattered and is remembered, everyone who you remember and look up to was just like you. Rather than feeling and believing that you are alone, understand that you are part of the most important club in history.
  • There are four types of people in the world, the first is the caretakers, the second is the communicator, the third second is the coordinator, the fourth is the hunter.
  • Momentum is the life force for a hunter type of person, there are two ways to create momentum, either add things or take things away. Take inventory of the people, the things in your life and be ruthless, cut everything that isn’t giving you momentum. Momentum isn’t aa condition you want to be in, it’s what makes you who you are, and that needs to be defended at all costs. Show up like you are a professional athlete. There is no way that pressure and noise with help you reach your ultimate success or even contribute to you learning.