Responsibility, Resilience, And Work Ethic with Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy is a former Special Forces sniper, Texas Army Guard soldier, and professional MMA fighter.

In this episode, Tim drops some massive knowledge and thoughts on the current election. He also talks about his motivations to consistently serve, resiliency and maintaining a good work ethic.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:39] Election Day Thoughts

[6:22] Balance Of Innovation And Conserving The Constitution

[9:28] Epitome Of Events Leading To Where Tim Is Today

[14:45] Bad For Bad

[21:44] Connecting Through The Disagreements 

[26:38] Moral Conviction

[30:51] Other Countries Want America To Fall

[34:29] The Social Dilemma

[40:52] Tim’s Political Position 

[44:47] Crazy Happenings In Other Countries

[51:42] Complacency In Your Life

[55:26] Motivation To Consistently Serve

[1:03:03] War Going Bad

[1:09:15] The Need For Influence And Power 

[1:14:11] Stand For Something


  • Even through the disagreements we all have we should be able to come together as a country and do what’s best.
  • It doesn’t matter who you go and vote for, just as long as you do it right.
  • In the global market, other countries want us to fall
  • In other countries, everyone bought into the process of pain and suffering. Freedom can only be accomplished through discipline and hard work with everybody bought in on this they just have this beautiful hard culture 
  • At some point you have to stand for something. And you have to know that your belief is rooted in truth


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