Part 1: Navy Seal Mindset Hacks


So we are starting something new with our podcast..

We are going to bring on a few high level guests and do an in depth, 2 part podcast. Think Tim Ferris but broken down into 2 episodes.

This and next weeks is going to feature my mentor, Joost Janssen.

Paramedic, Navy Seal, Entrepreneur, Actor, Husband, and Father are just a few of the titles he has carried. In Part 1 we talk about his upbringing and the most catastrophic event he went through. Joost and I get into how to overcome problems, trauma, regrets, and the hard things of life.

He explains the process of becoming a Seal, becoming a decision maker, and becoming a leader in his field.

He says you have to have a strong enough reason, a why to get you to overcome any fear. The only reason people fail to become a Seal is their mindset, a fear they just can’t overcome.

Joost has done some crazy things in  his life and the lessons he has learned from them can be applied to almost every are of your life.

In Part 1 of the podcast you will hear:

  • The power of mentors and the financial lessons he learned from him
  • The movie that changed the course of his life
  • Why he turned down his full ride scholarship to pursue living in the moment and following his dreams
  • Why talent doesn’t matter and how you can truly do anything you put your mind to
  • And so much more

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Cheers to looking and feeling like a billion dollars,

Nicholas Bayerle