How To Go From Broke To 5 Million In Sales with Nikolas Elliot

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Nikolas Elliot is an amazing sales expert who went from working the sales floor to leading it. In this week’s episode, Nikolas discusses not only his journey of becoming conscious and outside of himself, but also reveals his six sales points that he uses to close a sale.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:15] Growing Up and Acquiring Present Skills

[4:21] Adventure Into Sales

[6:25] Dealing With The Past And Growing Into A Conscious Culture

[8:38] Journey Of Being Conscious And Outside Of Himself

[14:26] Finding Your Self Worth And Become Your Greatest Cheerleader

[16:48] The Discovery Of Tina And Jim

[20:00] The Six Sales Points

[25:20] Examples of a Whack-A-Mole

[31:17] How You Live Outside Your Office Walls Is How You’re Gonna Perform Inside Of Them

[37:15] Training Sales People With A System That Holds Them Accountable

[40:48] Going From Sales Floor To Leading The Sales Floor

[43:00] Connections Made From BDB Live 1.0



  • Started doing sales at the age of 16, acquiring a fantastic skill leading to his current success.
  • Sales is getting people to take action on something that is more beneficial for them than what they’re doing right now.
  • First sales point is to keep “Tina” or “Jim” on the phone by getting rapport and take control of the situation. Second is moving away from motivation by asking uncomfortable questions. The third is moving towards motivation. Fourth is being a doctor, meaning to be assumptive and owning what you’re saying. The fifth is nurture with the focal point of immersing yourself 110% on that person and that they get what they need. Lastly, number six is the closer.
  • Each sales point has its own “whack-a-mole”
  • If you’re selling a product you don’t believe in, that’s not a place for you.
  • Surround yourself with people who are winning at BDB Live.



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“Sales is everything”

“The majority of people that fail don’t do the process long enough.”

“Be your best cheerleader and take a stand for yourself.”

“Some will, some won’t, so what’s next?”