Intermittent Fasting ..

It’s been a hot topic lately do the Viral videos on Facebook, Celebrities and Dave Asprey.

However the benefits of fasting have been studied for a long time.

Here are just a few of them:
  • Your hormones that release stored fats are more accessible- being able to lose weight
  • Gives your digestive system a rest from eating
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Growth hormones are released

There was a study published of a single patient who decided to undergo a 40 day fast for religious purposes. He had a 1250% increase in growth hormone. Crazy right?? 

Well we are aren’t going to fast for 40 days BUT we can do something called Intermittent fasting which means you only consume calories within a 7-8 hour window.

I wanted to simplify fasting for you so I made a Fasting Checklist for you

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In the checklist I share with you 5 essential things to Intermittent Fast correctly.

One of them being to take BCAA in a powder form. 

These are the BCAA I personally take when I’m fasting because it’s all natural. No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Artificial colors and flavors are chemicals that aren’t supposed to be in your body. It actually damages your gut lining and can cause headaches.

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A sample day of Intermittent Fasting can look like this:

7 a.m- Black coffee or tea

Drink BCAA in the morning and workout

1st meal 12:00- Protein shake- at least 30g of protein, 1 banana, spinach, chia seeds, 1/2 TBSP coconut oil, and water

Snack: 5 brazil nuts

2nd meal 3:00- 2 egg cups and a cup of organic berries

3rd meal 5:00- 6 oz wild caught fish on arugula with 1 cup of quinoa with 1 TBSP of olive oil

4th meal 7:30- 6 oz grass fed beef patty, 1 baked sweet potato with 1 TBSP butter on it and a side of asparagus

As a free gift, download this Fasting Checklist (no opt in required)

I personally do Intermittent fasting about 4-5 days a week because I enjoy having breakfast on the weekends with my wife and it works with my schedule.

One thing to keep in mind though is if you don’t feel good to workout while fasting, then don’t. Always listen to your body, ignore the excuses though.

Have questions about fasting??

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Cheers to fasting,

Nicholas Bayerle