VIP days are my favorite..

Why? Because we get to take our coaching offline to in person.

Since running The Billion Dollar Body, the #1 company to help men reach their ultimate health, power, and confidence, we decided to up our 1-1 coaching experience with adding a VIP day.

There is a quickening in transformation when you can fully trust your coach to put you through a whole day of whatever they want (yes I trained with Navy Seals so I might do something crazy).

As a coach, there are some things you can’t teach someone from just knowledge but you must allow them to experience it.

You will get an inside look at what we do on our VIP days, however this changes from client to client. Everyones struggles are different. Everyones learning looks different. And we don’t want our clients knowing exactly what it will look like. 

Yes surprise and “not knowing” is a whole lesson in itself.

Working with Evan and his wife Amira has been a blast so far and their transformation is incredible.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what went down.

?Blood taken to the lab (So we can start the head to toe lifestyle design based on their results)

❄️cryotherapy (Chiltonic) we got into a chamber -200 degrees

?Epic healthy lunch provided by GoodOnYa.

? Rented bikes from Concept Surf for 2 hours and explored the secret spots of San Diego’s coast.

☕️Bad ass coffee shop

?Relationship building dinner ?

? Whole Foods run w/ custom education

?You’re doing the right things when clients “get their money’s worth” in the first 2 weeks of a 6 month Experience.


Watch the VLOG below



Shoutout to our awesome friends at Chiltonic, GOODONYA®, and Concept Surf for making the day amazing. Supporting local businesses is of my passions since being a local San Diegan.

As you can see in this video, Evan said he already “got their money’s worth” in the first 2 weeks of a 6 month experience.

As the CEO, my focus is to give all my clients the result they are are desiring.

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Cheers to looking and feeling like a billion bucks,

Nicholas Bayerle