Christopher Walker is the Co- Founder of Anabolic Men and Truth Nutraceuticals. He is also the co-author of Master your T and is a speaker at Billion Dollar Body Live 2017. 

Christopher has an inspiring story of going from depression, extremely low in testosterone, and full of anxiety to now being successful, fit, and having high testosterone levels.

He talks about his battle with drinking, why it started and how he overcame it.

Christopher shares why people are declining in testosterone level; the main one being high and excess stress. 

“The human body is incredibly powerful at healing itself”


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Stress can be fought by doing these few things:

  • Taking key minerals, herbs, and 
  • Sleeping
  • Working out a healthy amount (not overtraining)
  • Breathing practices
  • and controlling environmental stress.  

In this episode we talk about the testosterone boosting supplement I take and recommend to all my clients, TestroX. 

Below is the link to get TestroX, along with the other supplements talked about in the episode like Cortigon.

This episode is full of no BS information around steroids, fasting, and testosterone boosters. 

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