Joe Vargas is a former Las Vegas nightlife executive and blogger. He began a CBD website known as BuyLegalMeds.com. Listen to Joe speak the real and raw truth about life and business.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:00] Who Is Joe Vargas?

[10:20] Growing And Adapting To Surroundings

[14:20] Developing Friendships 

[17:25] Transitioning Out Of The Military

[23:05] Don’t Knock On The Thing That Got You Where You’re At

[29:34] Investing Your Energy Into Good People

[34:00] Innovating Products Through A Core Group Of People 

[38:34] What Makes A Company The Best

[41:10] Using Social Media To Build Relationships

[47:10] Dealing With What Comes Next

[52:15] Having The Right Mindset As A Business Leader

[57:27] Getting Through Problems To Make Money

[1:01:26] Handling Negative Situations



  1. Finding people who can relate to your aspirations and goals can be hard but it’s the best idea to surround yourself with like-minded people
  2. What got you here maybe won’t get you to the next level, you need to transition. Don’t knock on the thing that got you to where you’re at. 
  3. Focus on the positive and put out good energy. 
  4. Sometimes it’s good to connect with your customers on a personable level.



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