7 Supplements Every Man Should Take


With so many different supplements out there, it’s easy to get Paralysis by Analysis. Trust me, I get exposed to A LOT of supplements and  I’ve had to try most of them in order to determine which ones I should take personally, and which are the best to pass along to my clients..

If you’ve ever heard of the CEO of Bulletproof, Dave Asprey, then you may also know that he takes a whopping 150 supplements per day!!

That’s crazy! I know that if you’re anything like me, then you don’t have time to take handfuls of pills every few hours!

As men, we want the to get straight to the point.  We want to know which supplements are going to work the fastest, and which ones are best for our bodies.   In order to help you find those, I have come up with the 7 supplements that every man should take.  This list is comprised of supplements to help you increase your  testosterone naturally, increase energy levels and mood, boost immunity and metabolism, build muscle, and detoxify your  body.

If you are unfamiliar with Testosterone, this is the dominant hormone found in males. And unfortunately the “T” of today is the lowest it’s been in a century–thanks to high amounts of estrogen mimickers found in our food and environment, high stress levels, and lack of these key vitamins and minerals. Of course, getting your hormones and micronutrients checked is your best option to see which supplements you should be taking. Since we aren’t doctors, please do not take this as hard and fast medical advice.  Please consult a health professional to see which supplements are right for you.

Below are the TOP 7 supplements we recommend that will give you the biggest BANG for your BUCK.

1. Organifi- 

Let’s face it, getting enough greens in can be tough. Not to mention, superfoods like wheatgrass, spirulina, matcha green tea, beets, and turmeric. Organifi is my go-to superfood, greens blend because I know that I’m getting my vitamins and superfoods in no matter what. It helps boost your metabolism, get rid of harmful toxins, increase mental clarity, and reduce your stress levels with the herb ashwagandha. It really works and you will noticeably feel the difference these powerful ingredients can make for you. Last but not least, it actually tastes good and is quick to make. Get organifi here and save 15% with code Bayerle

2. Fish oil with Vitamin D-  


Fish oil is known for having a lot of omega-3s. The benefits of fish oil are vast, but here are some of the most important. Since they contain anti-inflammatory properties, fish oil can help prevent and reverse cardiovascular diseases, inhibit Cancer cells and tumor growth, and reverse all anxiety-like symptoms. Make sure that the fish oil supplements you choose contain a high amount of DHA and EPA, and are from wild caught fish like salmon, sardines, and anchovies.

On a side note, my wife Amanda used to struggle with getting headaches, which were relieved by supplementing fish oils into her daily supplement diet. Vitamin D is important because most people are deficient in it.


Why?  In this day and age, people aren’t outside as much due to our work life moving from outdoor farms to indoor offices.  Our body creates vitamin D when we are exposed to natural sunlight. The benefits of vitamin D include increased energy, better mood, and stronger bones and teeth. This supplement below is a super high quality fish oil combined with vitamin D.


3. Ionic Minerals- 

There are A LOT of minerals and their benefits can’t all be listed here. Selenium, choline, potassium, copper, and sodium are a few minerals that should be incorporated into your diet. Since our soil is mineral depleted, we must supplement with them. Minerals  fuel your organs, your hormones, your cells, metabolism, immune system, anti-aging and even help you fight off cancer and many diseases.


Ionic minerals are in a format that your body can easily absorb.

Most electrolyte drinks on the market can’t even be absorbed by your body, so this is the mineral supplement I suggest getting. It’s simple, just add a little bit of these to your water every morning and you will see how rapidly your body responds to them.


4. Probiotics-

Want to get sick less often? Well 80% off your immune system is located in your gut. So if your digestive system is whack, you’re going to experience sickness, fatigue, and even pain. Probiotics are the good bacteria that your gut needs to perform well and fight off anything that attacks it. They can be found in fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, and Kombucha.
You will also want to get rid of things that kill probiotics such as medication, sugar,GMO’s, and bad quality water. Here is the probiotic I recommended because it has 50 billion CFU’s and contains 10 different strains of probiotics.

Click here to get the Probiotics and Save 15% by using the code Bayerle.  



5. Protein Powder-

Everyone knows that getting protein in your diet is essential, especially if you’re trying to build and keep muscle. Supplementing your protein is something I recommend if you’re living a busy lifestyle and can’t cook all your own healthy protein. It’s fast, healthy, and easier for your body to digest and absorb after a workout.

There are a few different proteins you can get it. Varieties range from bone broth, whey, or a whole meal replacement shake (which means it has vitamins and healthy fats and carbs in it.)  

Below are the ones I recommend that  taste good and are high quality.   Click here to get Organifi use code Bayerle for 15% off



6. Testro-x –

This is the best T-booster I have found on the market. I have been using it for awhile now because I was on the average scale of testosterone levels and I wanted to raise them. It has great minerals in it like boron, magnesium, zinc, plus key herbs to lower stress levels, increase free testosterone, and lower estrogen. All of these are linked to boosting testosterone naturally.
When your testosterone increases you can experience higher muscle growth, strength, libido, energy and motivation (and for me, facial hair growth). Click here to get Testro-X


7. Amino acids-

Have you ever seen those guys at the gym with a water bottle filled with blue stuff? Well those are (BCAAs) Branched Chain Amino Acids, not the best kind, but that’s what they are drinking. That’s because only amino acids are capable of forming tissues, organs, muscles, skin and hair. For most people, it’s a struggle to get all different types of amino acids, since there are 8 essential amino acids required for healthy adults.

When your body has these amino acids it’s easier to build and repair muscle, improve your hair,skin,nails, prevent aging, and increase your immune system. You will find amino acids in animal proteins such as beef, chicken, eggs, and fish. Studies have also shown that supplementing with amino acids during your workout will help you push harder and recover faster.


Most BCAA drinks use artificial colors and flavors, which isn’t healthy for your body. The best one we have found is linked up here. It tastes great and it’s all natural. If you’re fasting, drinking BCAA’s will help you prevent muscle loss while keeping you in a fasted state.


These 7 supplements are what I take every day. I recommend that all of my clients take these in order to live their full potential.


If you want to dive more into learning about why I chose these supplements, my good friend, Christopher Walker, has a booked called “Master Your T” which goes in depth on how important all of these supplements are.


And if you do decide to purchase any of the supplements that I recommend, I do get paid an affiliate commission. But, I only recommend products with adequate scientific research made by companies I trust with proven track records.


If you have any questions about any of the supplements above, comment below and I will personally respond with an answer.

Cheers to looking and feeling like a billion dollars,

Nicholas Bayerle