#4 Power Couple Episode: The Power of Belief

The 3 dimensional Businessman

On this week’s Power Couple Episode Nicholas and Amanda cover the power of belief and intuition. Highlighting how you can tap into your intuition to save you time and trouble in your life. As well as how your beliefs can dictate your everyday choices and even save you from life or death situations.


  • [ 03:02 ] Intuition
  • [ 07:15 ] The Power of Belief
  • [ 08:31 ] Resources
  • [ 11:58 ] Weekly Quotes and Challenges
  • [ 14:32 ] What We Love!



  • In many situations we have our intuition or inner voice urging us to do one thing or make a certain decision, often when we go against this we find ourselves in inopportune situations. We should also take note of what our beliefs are and how they are affecting us. Nicholas shared a story about a man believing he was dying when he actually wasn’t, however, his belief was so strong that he ended up dying.
  • “Wine doesn’t make you happy, it just makes you happier.” “Whether you think you can or that you can’t you’re right.” Many people give excuses and don’t know they are foreshadowing their own futures, in that they believe they can’t or won’t be able to do something and because of that excuse they will end up following that excuse to become a limiting belief in their lives.