Like many people, I am always looking for ways I can boost energy naturally. This can be difficult in a world run on tons of coffee, monsters, red bulls and other artificial crap.


I’ve found that energy is a hot commodity, not only in today’s economical market but also for individual people. Energy is something you and I always want more of, it’s kind of like happiness, no matter how much we have we always want more.


As always, when I find a simple solution to a common problem I want to share it with people. So here is a simple hack you can apply today that will increase your vitamin D levels, making you happier, healthier, and reducing your risk of diabetes as well as certain cancers.


The amazing thing about this is that it will cost you $0 and only take 15 minutes of your time.


So what is it?

Sun exposure!

Soaking in the sun for 15 minutes every day, without sunscreen or tons of clothes on, will have you feeling revived.


How will this give you more energy?

Well when you are out in the sun your body will naturally produce vitamin D. Vitamin D will boost your immune system, helping you fight infections and illnesses. In doing this you will have more energy stored up to do the things you love and reach more of your goals.


So the best advice I can give you today is to find 15 minutes to get outside and catch some rays!


You don’t want to be covered up by tons of clothes because you want your chest and back in the sun. So forget that hat, t-shirt, and sunglasses because we actually need that sunlight in our eyes and on the major areas of our bodies.

Vitamin D has been proven to boost your testosterone levels naturally too. 

For those who are worried about sun damage and wrinkles, the most sensitive places on your body are your face, neck, and upper chest. On these areas, you can lather on some NATURAL sunscreen.

It’s important to use natural sunscreen because regular sunscreen ends up being worse for you than a major burn and it leaves behind toxins that can be found in your urine and blood stream. (and many of those sunscreens are estrogenic) 


If you apply this 15-minute tip today and every day possible you will increase your vitamin D levels and experience longer lasting energy throughout your day!


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Nicholas Bayerle