Become A High Performance Business Leader with Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast. He is the owner of Gym Launch, which has been able to grow to $50 Million in revenue in just 2 years under his guidance. In this week’s episode, Alex discusses strategies he uses to build revenue for his clients and urges entrepreneurs to outwork self-doubt. [3:20] […]

The Secret To Getting Lean with Dr. Joe Klemczewski

Dr. Joe Klemczewski is a health scientist and former bodybuilder who created a wellness corporation, a fitness facility, and a sports supplement company specializing in proprietary protein formulations. In this episode, he discusses not only the differences of coming into the industry now versus back then but also touches on how he teaches his clients […]

Going From Fit2Fat2Fit with Drew Manning

Today, Nicholas interviews founder of Fit2Fat2Fit, and creator of the 60 Day Keto Jumpstart, Drew Manning. Drew opens up about his upbringing in a Mormon family of 11 children, his passion for sports, which resulted in an addiction to fitness. After noticing that people around him weren’t able to successfully lose weight, he decided to […]

Chris Beat Cancer with Chris Wark

Today, Nicholas interviews cancer survivor, Chris Wark. Chris was diagnosed with colon cancer at 26 years old. Shocked and confused about it all, he was rushed into surgery. After the procedure, he was told that the cancer has spread. Being given no other options, Chris decided to take it into his own hands and begin […]

How to Tell the Truth with Ryan Niddel

In this week’s podcast, Nicholas interviews Ryan Niddel and delves into how to stop lying and start telling the truth. Ryan gets super vulnerable on the show today, sharing how he went from living a life of multiple lies and addiction to turning around, getting married, starting a company, and revamping his health. Timestamped Show […]

Men’s Hormones, Hair Loss, and Hangovers with Christopher Walker

Today Nicholas interviews BDB Live Speaker Christopher Walker, a men’s health guru, connected with KinoBody, TruthNutra, and author of Master Your T. Christopher and Nicholas dive deep into health trends and challenge ideas that have been adopted over the years. Timestamped Show Notes: [ 02:38 ] What Launched Christopher into Health [ 06:09 ] Pack […]

Dr. Squatch Podcast

An entrepreneur at heart and a fan of all things natural because of a skin condition, Jack Haldrup started Dr. Squatch Soap Co. , an all natural soap company. His mission is to offer transparency to the men’s personal care market by providing high-quality natural alternatives to everyday products. In today’s episode Nicholas Bayerle talks […]

10 Things That Are Killing Your Testosterone

Today on the podcast we have Dr. Anthony Jay. In this episode we talk about head injuries (it will look like Alzheimers in the brain), estrogenic products, and testosterone. He dives deep into estrogen, which is a sex hormone that binds to receptors in your body.. Men have a natural 20ng/l , woman have a range between […]

Vlog #3: Latte Art Skills

The Vlog is back! And it’s here to stay. I have found that lifestyle video is just me. The scripted stuff is great but the vlogs give you a glimpse into what I do on a day to day basis. In this vlog we head down to San Diego to do a podcast interview, check […]

5 Ways to Enjoy a Fit-Thanksgiving

5 Ways To Enjoy a Fit-Thanksgiving Did you know the average person over the holidays gains 10 lbs of FAT? Life is meant to be lived, so I’m not going to tell you to stop doing this, or don’t eat that. I’m going to tell you how to do it right! You don’t have to […]