Balancing Relationships and Success – Power Couple Episode

Intro: Amanda is a planner. She planned her whole birthday trip this weekend! Nicholas prefers to go with the flow, and also add a little more spice to it. Amanda is a feeler and Nicholas is a thinker. Together, they are a power couple doing big things as entrepreneurs, living the life they’ve always wanted. […]

#15 Power Couple Episode: Putting An End to People Pleasing

Welcome back to the Power Couple Episodes! This week Nicholas and Amanda are talking all about communicating through conflict, emotions, and how to stop people pleasing. Amanda shares that perfection is an opinion, not a definition and Nicholas brought vision into question and how couples can share that with each other. Timestamped Show Notes: [ […]

#14 Power Couple Episode: Your Number One Team Member

Welcome back to another Power Couple Episode! We are so glad to have you! This week Nicholas and Amanda talk about the real raw aspects of being a power couple who works together. They share with us the things they are personally encountering in their own lives, the power of sharing, and the people you […]

#13 Power Couple Episode: Building Your Foundation

Welcome back to the Power Couple Episodes! This week Nicholas and Amanda answer your questions, covering everything from keeping the spark alive, dating multiple people, knowing what you want, and building a foundation. They share the hierarchy of needs and how that applies to you and your relationship as a businessman, and how opposites will […]

#12 Power Couple Episode: Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Welcome back to the Power Couple Episodes! This week Nicholas and Amanda talk all about the components of teamwork, from real and honest communication, problem-solving together, to what a woman is like when she is hurt. Amanda offers great insight into tone and body language when communicating to one another in emotionally charged situations and […]

#11 Power Couple Episode: The Difference Between Men and Women

Welcome back to another episode of the Power Couple Podcast! This week Nicholas and Amanda discuss the difference between men and women, covering everything from communication, to the ways the two genders process information and situations, to some great resources to help you and your partner grow closer. Timestamped: [ 01:30 ] Nonnegotiable [ 05:00 […]

#10 Power Couple Episode: The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Welcome back to the Billion Dollar Body Podcast! This is episode #10 of the Power Couple Series! Nicholas and Amanda hit it hard this week talking about the power couple dynamic, how to craft a daily declaration, and how to love what you have in your partner.   Timestamped Show Notes: [ 01:59 ] This […]

Does Your Communication Suck?

This week Nicholas and Amanda talk about communication and how we process differently as men and women. Amanda shares how women have different desires and tendencies as compared to men and Nicholas drops some great resources on how to better understand you’re partners values as you grow and communicate through more diverse situations. They also […]

Power Couple Vacation

We are back with Power Couple Episode #8! Nicholas and Amanda are sharing with us why they took weeks off of the podcast and what they did during that time that helped them grow and learn more as entrepreneurs, individuals and build stronger relationships with those around them. They cover everything from listeners questions on […]

#5 Power Couple Podcast: How to Quit Comparing

Today Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle jump into Episode #5, talking about the biggest takeaways from this week, comparison through our social media world, the best coaching tool to use for hiring and motivating. Both Nicholas and Amanda share some amazing quotes and resources for you guys to expand your horizons and grow with!     […]