In this post we are going to dive into a little bit of detoxing. I created a full on checklist for you to download 100% free here.. This is something you can refer to ALL the time Click Here to download the Detox checklist  Why detox? Well everyday we are now faced with thousands of […]

Billion Dollar Body Morning Routine

So I recently wrote a viral article on Influencive  titled “The Morning Routine to Look and Feel Like A Billion Bucks”. In the article I shared the 5 things to do every morning that are simple and fast to do. And truth be told, I am actually not super into morning routines so if I […]

Healthy Cocktails Men Should Order

Alcohol.. An interesting subject in the health world. Some say it’s going to kill you and some say you can drink in moderation. I personally believe in moderation. Now for those of you who hate alcohol, congrats. For my clients and I, we go to a lot of social gatherings and business dinners. Occasional drinking […]

5 Ways to Enjoy a Fit-Thanksgiving

5 Ways To Enjoy a Fit-Thanksgiving Did you know the average person over the holidays gains 10 lbs of FAT? Life is meant to be lived, so I’m not going to tell you to stop doing this, or don’t eat that. I’m going to tell you how to do it right! You don’t have to […]