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Let’s cut through the B.S. and excuses and finally get to work. We know you are capable of achieving a billion dollar body, and it’s time to man up and take action. Too often, we see men sacrificing their confidence and power to being feminine and weak. That’s why we developed a comprehensive virtual coaching system that helps you achieve massive growth and confidence in all areas of your life. In my coaching, I give you true accountability. Not just a call or plan, no I hold your feet to the fire. If you say you’re going to do something, you MUST do it. If not, you’re going be challenged to why it wasn’t done. And you’ll be better for it.

This accountability and structure work together to keep you motivated as you crush each and every goal. The customized meal plans, personalized workout routines, and ass-kicking coaching calls are exactly what you need to take your game to the next level. It’s time for you to have more energy, motivation, and success than ever before. Submit your application today and let’s get you your Billion Dollar Body.


Perks Include:

VIP Day – In San Diego or via Skype
Level Up Coaching Calls Every Two Weeks
24/7 Email Support
Customized Meal and Workout Plans
Private Billion Dollar Coaching group

Private Trainings and resources


  • If you are looking to get fit but don’t know how, Nicholas will help you crush your fitness goals. The Billion Dollar Body is the best program I’ve ever been on. I lost 5 pounds in the first week and have since went from a size 36 waist to a 32. I have gained 2 hours a day of productivity so Connect with him and I guarantee you’ll feel incredible..

    Tommy Berretz
    Comedian, Actor and CEO

  • Over the last 10 years, my work has taken a toll on my health. I had low energy, thyroid issues, and fatigue. I started working with Nicholas and got on a great meal plan and a workout regime that fit with my busy lifestyle. He truly stands behind you and cares about you. I have since dropped 15lbs and am starting to see that 6 pack.. And the best part is. The fat is staying off so I am very happy withmy results. It’s worth your time and money to work with Nicholas.

    Jay Petre
    Serial Entrepreneur

  • I am so excited about the journey I have been on with Nicholas. I feel so f*cking amazing. The motivation is there and I couldn’t imagine myself not living this Billion Dollar Body lifestyle. Since working with Nicholas in just one month, I leaned down 15lbs and am seeing those muscles again. This feeling is just too good.

    Kevin Stimpson