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Join this exclusive program that’s optimized for men who are just like you! Stop wasting your money on things that aren’t tailored for your busy lifestyle and start your 90 day challenge today | Plus network and connect with other powerful men.


Perks Include:

90 Days of Tailored Billion Dollar Body Meal Plans
90 Days of Tailored Billion Dollar Body Workout Plans
Bi-Weekly Recorded Video Coaching Calls With High Level Men
Access to The Private Billion Dollar Body Coaching Group
24/7 Email Support With a Coach
Qualify for Monthly Giveaways
Exclusive training and content

a $2000 value

Next Group Starts October 15th
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Here’s what you’re going to experience

1. A meal plan/workout plan that fits your lifestyle and goals
2. Knowledge about health and fitness that you’ve never had before
3. A complete transformation of your body and mind in 2017
4. A community of men who are crushing it in life
5. The confidence, power, and energy you have always wanted



Here’s what others are saying

  • This is the best thing I have ever done! Not only did the workouts kick my ass but the meal plan helped me overcome a plautue. This is the best shape I have been in many years.

    Tommy Berretz
    Comedian, Actor and CEO

  • Nicholas really knows what he is talking about. Once I started working with The Billion Dollar Body, that’s when I started getting the massive results! I feel so f*cking amazing. The motivation is there and I couldn’t imagine myself not living this Billion Dollar Body lifestyle.

    Kevin Stimpson

  • Before I started working with The Billion Dollar Body, I was uncertain on what to do at the gym and what to eat to make a difference. I started off at 236lb and I have been maintaining at 201. I feel so much healthier and energized. What I love about working with The Billion Dollar Body is the accountability, the fact that you have a coach to talk with about specific questions. I recommend working with them for the accountability, 24/7 support, the experience and well thought out meal plans and workouts.

    Terry Thayer

  • Before joining The Billion Dollar Body, I had gained a lot of bad habits. I was eating whatever, whenever and wasn’t working out as much as I used to. I had to get out of my own way and just do it. With incorporating TBDB into my life, I was able to go from 215lbs to 190lbs and reach the best physique of my life. The Billion Dollar body is a great, supportive environment.What I love about the coaching are the simple plans to follow both nutritionally and physically. If you are thinking about joining, know that you will get results, just stick it out!.

    Valetin Molina

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Only Men committed about making a change will be accepted. If you aren’t serious about hitting your goals then this isn’t the program for you but if you are then you’re in the right place.

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