Before I started working with The Billion Dollar Body, I was uncertain on what to do at the gym and what to eat to make a difference. I have had several surgeries over the past few years and became afraid to lift weights. The fear of reinjuring myself left me unmotivated to focus on my health. I started off at 236lb and I have been maintaining at 201. I feel so much healthier and energized. What I love about working with The Billion Dollar Body is the accountability, the fact that you have a coach to talk with about specific questions. I recommend working with them for the accountability, 24/7 support, the experience and well thought out meal plans and workouts.

Terry Thayer
CEO of Thayer Homes

I am so excited about the journey I have been on with Nicholas. I feel so f*cking amazing. The motivation is there and I couldn’t imagine myself not living this Billion Dollar Body lifestyle. Since working with Nicholas in just one month, I leaned down 15lbs and am seeing those muscles again. This feeling is just too good.

Kevin Stimpson
CEO and Co-Founder of Strive & Grind

The Billion Dollar Body gave me the mental shift I needed. I snapped out of a little depression I was in and have broken out physically and professionally to what I have wanted. Before starting the program, my biggest struggle was my poor eating habits due to my year long knee surgery recovery. My favorite part about about The Billion Dollar Body coaching is the group support, the networking with fantastic guys, accountability, and the care Nicholas and Amanda put into my success. If you want to get fit, improve your mindset, and overall change your life then you need to work with The Billion Dollar Body.

Chad Brownfield
Founder of Vacuum Cleaner Market

Over the last 10 years, my work has taken a toll on my health. I had low energy, thyroid issues, and fatigue. I started working with Nicholas and got on a great meal plan and a workout regime that fit with my busy lifestyle. He truly stands behind you and cares about you. I have since dropped 15lbs and am starting to see that 6 pack.. And the best part is. The fat is staying off so I am very happy withmy results. It’s worth your time and money to work with Nicholas.

Jaye Petre
Serial Entrepreneur