The Relationship Code with Brett Jones

Today, Nicholas interviews Brett Jones, co-founder of The Relationship Code. Brett is a relationship coach who has been married for 26 years. Brett shares his wisdom and nuggets of knowledge about how relationship dynamics have changed, and how to become a leader and warrior in all aspects of life.   Timestamped Show Notes: [03:20] Entrepreneurial […]

Growing Together as a Power Couple – Power Couple Episode

Being married for almost seven years, Nicholas and Amanda share how they work together as a power couple, how they grow their business as partners, how they communicate with each other when problems arise, and how they remain strong together. Timestamped Show Notes: [02:36] Doing Big Things [03:53] Teaching Moment [05:10] Comfort Zone [06:30] Growing […]

Growing a Billion Dollar Company as a Couple with Lisa Bilyeu

Today, Nicholas interviews co-founder of Quest Nutrition, Lisa Bilyeu. Lisa is also the co-founder and president of Impact Theory, and the co-host of Sheroic Podcast. Before it all, she was and is the wife of world class entrepreneur, Tom Bilyeu. Together, they navigated life and worked together in partnership to ensure that both of them […]

Balancing Relationships and Success – Power Couple Episode

Intro: Amanda is a planner. She planned her whole birthday trip this weekend! Nicholas prefers to go with the flow, and also add a little more spice to it. Amanda is a feeler and Nicholas is a thinker. Together, they are a power couple doing big things as entrepreneurs, living the life they’ve always wanted. […]

#15 Power Couple Episode: Putting An End to People Pleasing

Welcome back to the Power Couple Episodes! This week Nicholas and Amanda are talking all about communicating through conflict, emotions, and how to stop people pleasing. Amanda shares that perfection is an opinion, not a definition and Nicholas brought vision into question and how couples can share that with each other. Timestamped Show Notes: [ […]

#13 Power Couple Episode: Building Your Foundation

Welcome back to the Power Couple Episodes! This week Nicholas and Amanda answer your questions, covering everything from keeping the spark alive, dating multiple people, knowing what you want, and building a foundation. They share the hierarchy of needs and how that applies to you and your relationship as a businessman, and how opposites will […]

How to Get Your Dream Car with Pejman Ghadimi

For today’s episode, Nicholas sits down with Pejman Ghadimi, the founder of the secret entourage. Pejman has a company that does over 40 million annually, several other companies, has written 11 books and consults on exotic car purchases. Pejman has gone from a VP banker to a multimillion dollar business owner.      Timestamped Show Notes: […]

How to Create a Badass Relationship with Amanda Bayerle

In today’s episode Nicholas sits down with his wife Amanda and they talk about what it takes to have a badass relationship. They share everything from the insight they’ve gained from their personal mentors, the books they’ve read, and lessons they’ve applied. As well as talking about what it takes to be an entrepreneur with […]