Create a Billionaire’s Mindset

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In today’s episode, Nicholas talks about the Billionaire Mindset, how you will find more fulfillment in your success, enjoy more freedom, and yielding better results.

He tackles the truths and morals that Billionaires build their lives on and what kind of clues they leave behind that you can build on. Nicholas also talks about the key to a Billionaire Mindset, the intention behind a Billionaire’s success.


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Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [2:42] Billionaire Mindset.
  • [3:25]  Success Leaves Clues.
  • [5:09] Circumstance vs. Reality.
  • [6:12] Transformation through Renewing Your Mind.
  • [7:47] Giving: The Intentions of a Billionaire.


  • The most successful people in the world leaves clues of how they went from where they were to where they are now. Those clues are meant to be followed, not continually rediscovered. When someone else has done what you want to do, has created a life that you want to emulate you can learn from them or learn on your own. Chances are that if you learn on your own you’re learning the hard way, wasting time and energy. By the same token, if you are learning from someone else you’re going to be learning the smart way, getting better results faster, and you will have the opportunity to become even more successful than the person you learned from.
  • There is a big difference between circumstances and the truth of reality. You may be going through a broken season but that doesn’t mean you are a broken person. No matter your circumstances, fat, broke, out of shape, these are only temporary. These circumstances are something you can choose to change. If you change your habits you can change your results.
  • You can’t “take” your way to billionaire status. You have to give. People who take will always have enough for themselves but will never have more than enough to give and add value to other people. Those with a Billionaire Mindset are always looking at how they can have MORE THAN ENOUGH so that they can GIVE to others.

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